Funky Monkey Cup

What Does a Funky Monkey Have To Do With ADHD?

The Funky Monkey connection comes from the name of the venue for our monthly SPACE meetings.

Funky Monkey Coffee Company on Bramhall Lane, Davenport in Stockport kindly allows us to hold our monthly meetings there. In the past we’ve held our meetings in the Arden Arms pub in Stockport and in a room at Stepping Hill Hospital but we felt that a coffee shop struck the perfect balance.

For many parents, attending their first meeting can be a very daunting prospect and having to walk into a pub in the middle of town can make that feel a little bit worse. It was with that in mind that we made the move to Stepping Hill Hospital. The hospital had some advantages. Everybody knows where it is and it’s relatively central but the expensive parking and the fact that no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from being at the hospital, didn’t make it feel quite right. One of our members suggested Funky Monkey who kindly said yes and we moved to our current home.

At Funky Monkey there is a friendly relaxed atmosphere, comfy sofas and the most amazing hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows)

Sometimes a sit down, a hot drink and the chance to have a chat with another parent who knows exactly how it feels to have an ADHD child, is just what you need. Most of us have had the talk with the teacher (some of us on a daily basis) We all have at least one relative that doesn’t fully understand the condition. Most of us know how it feels to be stared at by strangers in shops and other public spaces and we all want to learn as much as we can to help and support our children.

If you’re from Stockport and have a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you are very welcome to join us at the Funky Monkey. SPACE Stockport 2015 Meeting dates.

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